The Gospel - Digiital Download

The Gospel - Digiital Download

Grace Chapel 2015 Digital Download


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If we are going to experience revival in the church and an awakening of the lost - people who don't know Jesus Christ as their Savior - we need to be sure that we have a solid, unshakable, and biblical view of the Gospel.

Paul, Peter, and Jude all record a breakdown early into the life if the first-century church. False teachers were teaching a different gospel and a different Jesus from what the original apostles knew was true and life changing.

For the last two thousand years, as much as there has been the authentic, real, genuine Gospel, there also has been what Paul referred to as a perversion of the gospel. This four-part series will help you avoid the confusion and mixed gospel messages of today. It will give you a strong biblical foundation and help you discover the true Gospel that Jesus Christ preached.

A four part series on the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Session 1 - The Gospel Defined
Session 2 - The Gospel Discovered
Session 3 - The Gospel Defended
Session 4 - The Gospel Declared

Each weekly message contains Pastor Steve's notes, Scripture references and discussion questions for group or individual study.

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