Winning the Mind Wars-DVD

Winning the Mind Wars-DVD

Grace Chapel 2013 DVD-Video

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Product Description

Our Minds our Under Constant Attack

The enemy of this world wants to capture our minds and take us away from The Truth about Him and about ourselves. This series will equip you to fight the battle. It will give you Truth tools so that you can win the mind wars.
Every one of us is under this attack. The enemy wants to invade our minds and create strongholds that block us from the full blessing of God in our lives. These strongholds lead to pain, suffering and missed opportunities to serve God and know His will and ways. This series identifies those strongholds and gives you answers. Each session is designed to help you overcome the attack of the enemy and put biblical answers into your mind instead of his lies. You can defeat the enemy through prayer and His Word. You can win the mind wars!

Session 1 Winning the Mind Wars
Session 2 The Carnal Mind
Session 3 Going from Carnal to Corrupt
Session 4 Renewing Our Mind
Session 5 Strongholds
Session 6 Unforgiveness, Rejection and Depression
Session 7 Shame and Condemnation
Session 8 Addiction
Session 9 Pride and Unbelief
Session 10 Anger and Failure
Bonus CD The Overcoming Life

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  • Publisher: Grace Chapel
  • ISBN-13: 9781936355242
  • SKU: 2235_WMW_DVD
  • Release Date: Jul 1 2013 12:00AM
  • Binding: DVD-Video
  • DVD Region: Region 1